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Pigitos – MapKeysToBag, MapSize and more UDFs to manipulate maps in Apache Pig

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I have already created a project called Pigitos which is a set of tiny, but highly useful Java UDFs for Apache Pig.

Currently, Pigitos contains a couple of UDFs that support working with maps. It provides UDFs to calculate the size of the map and get map’s keys (or values, or key/value pairs) as a bag. Such UDFs are very useful when working with dynamically created column qualifiers (that hold some meaningful information that you want to process) in Apache HBase tables.

Apache Pig at The 3rd Meeting of WHUG

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I am very happy to share my slides from the presentation about Apache Pig that I gave at the 3rd meeting of Warsaw Hadoop User Group about 2 weeks ago. There is basic info about motivation for Apache Pig, PigLatin statements, simple PigLatin code that processes Last.fm data set and many many pictures. Hope you will find it interesting (please refresh this page if slides do not appear).