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“Hadoop Adventures At Spotify” accepted for Strata Conference + Hadoop World 2013! ;)

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I am extremely happy to say that my proposal was accepted for Strata Conference + Hadoop World 2013 ;) The title of my presentation is Hadoop Adventures At Spotify and I will talk about the most interesting problems that we have seen at our fast-growing Hadoop cluster.

The “official” abstract of the presentation is bellow:

Operating a small-size Hadoop cluster is a calm walk in a forest, while working with a big-size Hadoop cluster is a big adventure in a real jungle. The bigger elephant is, the more love and care it demands and we have discovered it in a hard way.

In this talk, we will take you for a trip into Hadoop jungle at Spotify to show the most interesting, exciting and surprising places where we have been to while growing fast from a 60 to 690-node Hadoop cluster. We will expose our JIRA tickets, real graphs, statistics, even excerpts from our dialogues. We will also share the mistakes that we made and describe the fixes that finally domesticated this love-demanding yellow elephant and its friends.

More details at Strata website. Hopefully, see you in NYC in October 2013!