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Hello and welcome to my Hadoop Blog!

My name is Adam Kawa and I am 28-year old Hadoop developer from Warsaw, Poland working at Spotify in Stockholm, Sweden. The aim of this blog is to share my experience, thoughts and observations related to both practical and non-practical (but still fun!) use of Apache Hadoop Ecosystem.

The motto of this blog is “Hakuna MapData” and it is inspired by a Swahili phrase “Hakuna Matata” that can be translated literally as “There are no worries” (or similarly “no problem”, “do not worry, be happy” etc). As you probably know, the phrase was made famous by the movie The Lion King and this cool song bellow.

The lyrics of this songs ideally describe this blog’s problem-free philosophy:

  1. Hakuna MapData! What a wonderful phrase!
  2. No worries for the rest of your days!
  3. Those two words will solve (or not) all your problems

So the brief idea is to write interesting technical posts about Apache Hadoop Ecosystem, but add some bytes of humour to them to have more fun. I would try to do my best, but I do realize that I am still learning something new about Hadoop, thus I will surely make some mistakes or bugs in the code presented here, maybe my jokes could not be fun, but simply annoying, but … the blog’s philosophy says “no worries”.

Hope you will enjoy Hakuna MapData. Of course, any comments and criticism are warmly welcomed.