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Agile migration of a single-node cluster from MRv1 to YARN

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I am happy to say that my blog post “Agile migration of a single-node cluster from MRv1 to YARN” has been published by IBM developerWorks. Please find the abstract of the article below:

Although Hadoop vendors such as Cloudera and Hortonworks provide excellent and detailed documentation for installing YARN, they follow an all-or-nothing approach. With this approach, you perform almost all of the migration steps first, then you start the cluster and verify that it is correctly migrated. If the migration fails, you review the migration steps to determine where the misconfiguration was made. Because the migration to YARN is a complex and error-prone process, it can be challenging to troubleshoot an almost-migrated cluster.

In contrast, this article describes how to use an agile approach with quick and frequent iterations. In the first iteration, you install only the necessary components and start the YARN cluster to verify whether it runs applications successfully. In the next iterations, you extend the cluster’s functionality and optimize the most important configuration settings. The goal is to have a working YARN cluster that can process users’ applications after each iteration. Using this approach, administrators have the ability to temporarily halt the migration process after each iteration and continue it later at a convenient time.

Read more at IBM developerWorks.